On 8 September 2017, General Gordon R. Sullivan, Chairman of the Army Historical Foundation Board of Directors and the U.S Army’s 32nd Chief of Staff visited the VAFCC Museum. The Army Historical Foundation is establishing The National Museum of the United States Army on over 80 acres at Fort Belvoir, VA, less than 30 minutes south of our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.

General Sullivan met with members of the Veteran Association of the First Corps of Cadets to promote prospects of collaboration with the Massachusetts National Guard in order to tell the story of the Citizen Soldier from 1636 to the present in The National Museum of the United States Army. The museum will serve as the capstone of the Army Museum Enterprise, provide the only comprehensive portrayal of Army history and traditions, and celebrate the selfless service and sacrifice of over 30 million men and women who have worn the Army uniform.

Pictured (from left to right): Mr. John Obrien, BG (R) Kondratiuk, Ms. Michelle Abrams, GEN Sullivan, COL Conaway, MAJ Pillai.

Battalion leadership address the 2017 Military Police Officer Professional Development (OPD) at the Museum of the First Corps of Cadets on Unit Training Management. The event, conducted on 9 September 2017, was attended by over 40 Military Police commissioned officers who received insightful instruction on recent changes to the Army’s personnel evaluation system and key tenets of the Unit Training Management Program. Lieutenant Colonel Richard Cipro, 83rd commander of the First Corps of Cadets, provided a detailed update on the state of the U.S. Army Military Police Corps and Colonel Brett Conaway, 1st Vice President of the Veteran Association of the First Corps of Cadets (VAFCC), served as the keynote speaker. The OPD was jointly sponsored by the VAFCC and the Military Police Regimental Association.

On 30 August 2017, Soldiers of the 211th MP Battalion and Military Police leaders in the Massachusetts National Guard conducted weapons qualification at Fort Devens, MA.

The 972 MP Company and the 747 MP Company of the 211 MP Battalion (First Corps of Cadets conduct civil disturbance training 5-7 May at Fort Devens, MA. The training is taught by the Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Domestic Preparedness and unit leaders.

The Staff of the 211 MP Battalion (First Corps of Cadets) conducts a Command Post Exercise 5-7 May at Joint Base Cape Cod.

Soldiers from the 211th Military Police Battalion (First Corps of Cadets) participated in a joint exercise planning conference with partners from the 5th Canadian Division. The conference was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the Cambridge Military Library building, Royal Artillery Park. The building houses the oldest library collection in Atlantic Canada, dating back to 1817.

In August 2017, Soldiers in the 211th Military Police Battalion will travel to Canada and participate in the Canadian exercise. The Soldiers will conduct training with Canadian Military Police from the 3rd MP Regiment.

Members of the Veteran Association of the First Corps of Cadets are conducting 6 sessions of Museum Management and Collection Training. The training developed through the VAFCC’s relationship with the Harvard University graduate program for Museum Studies, and is led by Valarie Kinkade, Museum & Collector Resource (MCR). Valarie is one of the nation’s leading museum consultants, and is currently completing the new Ross Perot Museum in Texas and the Kennedy Family Museum on Cape Cod.

Today, students are expanding their museum vocabulary, learning about the Past Perfect database, and conducting object research and completing the AFCC Artifact Data Collection Form exercise.

The VAFCC is also honored to have Valarie Kinkade as the guest speaker for the Annual Meeting on 2 April, 2017.




On 23 October 2016, LTC James Blake relinquished command of the 211th Military Police Battalion, First Corps of Cadets to LTC Richard Cipro. The ceremony was held at Fort Devens, MA.


On 19 October 2016, the First Corps of Cadets celebrated their 275th Anniversary. The ceremony was held at the Park Plaza Castle (the original armory of the First Corps of Cadets).

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On behalf of the Veteran Association of the First Corps of Cadets, Chief Ed Steadman presents 2LT Steven Ashman with two plaques. 2LT Ashman graduated from the Massachusetts National Guard’s Officer Candidate School (OCS) on 15 October 2016. 2LT Ashman will serve as an officer in the 211th Military Police Battalion, First Corps of Cadets.



Soldiers of the 5th Multinational Military Police Company, a provisional unit designed to support the 5th Canadian Division/ 5e Division du Canada Exercise Strident Tracer, conduct Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction on the M-2 Machine Gun at Camp Petersville, Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, New Brunswick. The multi-component, multi-national company is comprised of #USArmy and Canadian Armed Forces personnel from the 211th Military Police Battalion of the Massachusetts National Guard — The Nation’s First, The 16th Military Police Brigade‘s 91st Military Police Battalion, 1 Military Police Regiment, and 3 Military Police Regiment.

Thank you to the First Corps of Cadets for sponsoring Soldier to participate in the Pollini Ruck!

The 972nd Military Police Company will be participating in the 2016 Run to Home Base for the 2nd year. Registration is now open! Please visit: to join the team or donate to a TEAM 972 runner!

Runto HB

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Leaders from the 747 Military Police Company and 211th Military Police Battalion Forward presented to the members of the First Corps of Cadets. The Soldiers discussed their deployment to GITMO and presented items for the museum to display in the Active Component room.

Soldiers of the 211th Military Police Battalion completed the Military
Police Firearms Qualification Course with the M9 pistol at Joint Base Cape Cod, Mass. during an Inactive Duty Training (drill) period this weekend. Military Police personnel also participated in driver training on the M1151High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) and the M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle. Other training included utilizing the HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer, police operations training (including K9 demonstrations) with the Massachusetts State Police and Fall River Police Department, and preparation for the Massachusetts National Guard State Marksmanship Competition for which the 211th will field two teams.



Soldiers in the 211th Military Police Battalion (First Corps of Cadets) conducted training over the weekend to enhance their Soldier and Military Police skills.

Deployment Book

The former Commander of the 972nd Military Police Company, Major Dave Falvey presents the President of the First Corps, CSM William Davidson with the 972nd’s Deployment book for the museum.


The Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) and the Massachusetts National Guard celebrated the historic milestone of 47 Guardsmen graduating from a reserve civilian police academy during a ceremony at the Joint Force Headquarters here, Aug. 2, 2014.

This a significant event in the Massachusetts National Guard’s Police Mission Partnership Initiative (PMPI) that began in 2012 to systematically improve its domestic police support capability and individual law enforcement career opportunities for its personnel.

772 Military Police Company, 211th Military Police Battalion conducted Non Lethal Weapons Training. Article featured in “Minuteman” the Massachusetts National Guard Magazine.

SSG Jason Wisnewski

Non Lethal Weapons Article